History Schmistory: June 18th: Waterloo Sunset!

1815:  The Battle of Waterloo, Belgium. Napoleon and Wellington ‘duke’ it out (see what we did there) and along the way incidentally provide ABBA with the keys to stardom!

The British victory at Waterloo heralded the end of Napoleonic ascendancy in Europe after over ten years as Emperor of The French.

"Creative commons, Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798"  digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY

“Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798”
digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY



ALL NEW History Schmistory: January 6. Kerrigan Clubbed!

January 6, 1994. Nancy Kerrigan is clubbed on the knee before a competition.

History Schmistory, April 17: Canterbury Tales Told for the First Time!

1397 – Geoffrey Chaucer tells the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II. Chaucer scholars have also identified this date (in 1387) as when the book’s pilgrimage to Canterbury starts. After all, it does start “Whan that aprill with his shoures soote the droghte of march hath perced to the roote”

History Schmistory: February 15. Words From Columbus!

February 15, 1493. Columbus writes a letter describing (and exaggerating) his voyage.

History Schmistory: February 16. Emergency!

February 16, 1968. 9-1-1 service begins.

History Schmistory: February 13. We Do Covers!

February 13, 1867. The Polluted River Zenne gets a cover-up.

History Schmistory: February 12. Don’t Scream!

February 12, 1994. Edvard Munch’s most iconic painting is stolen.

History Schmistory: February 11. The Senate Show!

February 11, 1794. First US Senate session opens to the public.

History Schmistory: February 10. Computer Date Checkmate!

February 10, 1996. Computer defeats a Chess Grandmaster.

History Schmistory: February 9. Weather Men!

February 9, 1870. Grant and Congress say yes to weather service.

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