Deadword of the Day: Ugsum

Ugsum: Another great alternative to “terrible”.

As in: It has been a terrible, horrible, ugsum, very bad day.

Deadword of the Day: Jarkman

Jarkman: A self-educated person from a lower social class.

As in: …Uh …Say, anybody seen that new Hugh Jarkman flick?


Ludicrous Latin: hilares sunt cameli

Camels are hilarious.

Marco Polo loves India!

Nina Paley created this awesome movie and is offering it to you for FREE. So give it a go already! Sita Sings the Blues is an ambitious, gorgeously animated telling of Marco’s favorite Indian Sanskrit epic, The Ramayana. Nina and her talented crew approach this fantastic story in a variety of ways, often with a much-needed, distinctly feminine point of view, cleverly embellished with the music of legendary jazz vocalist, Annette Hanshaw. Warm up some popcorn and spend some time with this one. You’ll be glad you did. Download high-resolution version here! …That’s all :)

Deadword of the Day: Prinkle

Prinkle:  The sensation of hair standing on end.

As in: I can definitely feel the prinkle.