The Erawan Museum in Thailand greets you with a giant 3 headed elephant. What more could you ask for?

Ludicrous Latin: Observare theatrum!

Go take in a show!

The Globe Theatre, London












It’s not the cheapest adventure in the world, but if you have ever wanted to enjoy your lunch with the fishes, Ithaa, an underwater restaurant at the Hilton in Maldives, can make your dream a reality.

History Schmistory: August 27. Give peace a chance.

1928: The Kellogg-Briand Pact, also known as the World Peace Act, is signed by 15 countries including the US, UK, Italy, Germany, and Japan. Must have been a few loopholes I guess.

History Schmistory: August 28. Go get ‘em Tommy!

1830: Peter Cooper introduces Tom Thumb, the first American steam-powered locomotive, by racing it against a horse-drawn carriage. Horse claims he wasn’t ready and calls for a do-over.









art by James D. Wilson

GO THERE! attn pin-heads












Not that anyone¬†needs another reason to go to Vegas, but the “Pinball Hall of Fame” is always reason enough for Marco.

History Schmistory: August 26. Well, let him out!

1819: Britain’s Prince Albert is born. Doctor uses can opener.



Caffe Rivoire, Firenze: Tales of Tourists Walking Around Aimlessly

Deadword of the Day: Monsterful

Monsterful: Wonderful, delightful

As in: Oh the monstrosity of these monsterful monsters!

GO THERE! Cave tubing, anyone?

Belize has a lot of caves, many of which were inhabited by the ancient Mayan civilization and are full of artifacts. Some of them you can float through on a tube!

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