Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Buon Natale (Merry Christmas)

Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Buon Natale. Merry Christmas. Buon Natale, nemesis, I look forward to more feuding next year!”

Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Nero Venerdi (Black Friday)

Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Nero Venerdi. (NEH-roh veh nehr DEE) Black Friday. Nero Venerdi is to shopping what the Black Plague is to history.”

Gabi Holds the World!

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Gabi holds up the world!

MarcoMonday: A New Video!

Just what is Team Marco Polo all about? Travel, history, and pies in the face!

Team Marco Polo Poster

Paris poster

Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Ieri (Yesterday)

Today’s MarcoWord (Italian): Ieri. (eeYERee) YesterdayIeri, all my troubles seemed so far away.”