History Schmistory: November 20. MS-DOS this get easier?

1985: Microsoft Windows 1.0 is released. Laypersons rejoice!

History Schmistory: November 19. Four Score and Seven=

1863: US President Abraham Lincoln delivers the most important and enduring 2 minute speech in American history… Need a hint?

History Schmistory: November 18. “How ya like them apples?”

1307: Brutal and outrageous meanie-head Hermann Gessler punishes William Tell for not bowing down to him. Williams’ bizarre sentence is to shoot an apple off of his own son’s head with a crossbow. After performing the task flawlessly, he sparks a rebellion against Gessler, leading ultimately to an independent Swiss Confederacy, and some sweet revenge for Mr. Tell… “You like apples, Hermann?”

History Schmistory: November 17. Not your ordinary cat toy…

1970: Douglas Engelbart successfully patents the computer mouse. His patent for computer cheese is still pending.

History Schmistory: November 15. Out of our league?

1920: The first assembly of the League of Nations is held in Geneva. They swear they reserved the big conference room, but another “League” begged to differ.

History Schmistory: November 14. Woah-Nellie!

1889: Nellie Bly begins her trip around the world, aiming to accomplish the journey in 80 days, a span Jules Verne predicted in his work of fiction, Around the World in 80 Days. Get this, Nellie did it in 72 days. In your face, Phileas Fogg!

History Schmistory: November 12. You hear the one about the exploding whale?

1970: The Oregon Highway Division learns exactly what not to do with a dead whale.

A Name You Should Know: Lincoln J. Beachy

Lincoln Beachy was known by many, including his competitors, as “The Man Who Owns the Sky”; “the Master Birdman”; “The Divine Flyer”; or quite simply “the Worlds Greatest Aviator”. Here’s a man whose aerial acrobatics drew the attendance of over 30 million people (17 million in 1914 alone) and yet we still had to look the guy up. This is a guy who built his own zeppelin and landed it on the White House lawn. A guy who decided to fill his tank and fly upwards until it ran out, to see how high he could get (nearly 12,000ft.) A guy who intentionally put himself in a desperate tailspin in order to show everybody how to properly get out of one. A guy who could do a break-neck vertical nose-dive and level out just in time to land on the runway. We could fill pages with more of his countless death defying feats, but we figure you’re already impressed. Not bad for a guy that crashed on his first two flights, eh?

History Schmistory: November 11. Coooold-snap!

1911: Apocalyptic expectations went wild the last time we saw an 11/11/11, as The Great Blue Norther, a cold snap that produced record highs and lows on the same day, barreled through the central US, leaving much of the bewildered population with contrasting habiliments.

History Schmistory: November 10. Street Smarts.

1969: National Educational Television, soon to be PBS, introduces the world to Sesame Street. If you go all the way to the end and hang a left, you’ll be in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

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