Culture Buzz: “Lotus pray…”

To say the lotus flower is an important symbol in India would really be an understatement. The potent and resilient plant, which has no trouble thriving in the muddiest of swamps without breaking a sweat, or even getting dirty, has become the supreme icon of beauty, strength, longevity and fertility in Indian culture. In Hinduism, the lotus is also a symbol of divinity that seems to turn up everywhere, even growing from Vishnu’s belly-button! In fact, they believe the spirit of the Lotus itself exists within every human being. That’s a lot of lotuses… Loti?

Anyhoo, it is only fitting that there is a temple in New Delhi bearing semblance to a giant lotus flower preparing to bloom. Pretty sweet.

Also looks a bit like a citrus juicer.

History Schmistory: January 23. Last day in the China shop.

Engraving of the Battle of Zama by Cornelis Cort, 1567 [public domaine]

Engraving of the Battle of Zama by Cornelis Cort, 1567 [public domain]

971: In China, the war elephant corps of Southern Han are thoroughly defeated at Shao by crossbow fire from Song Dynasty troops. The remaining disheartened pachyderms relocate to Middle-earth where they enjoy a more favorable size advantage.

History Schmistory: January 23. Mohawk Fever!

January 23, 1983: The A-Team debuts. Fashion takes note.

Video Schmistory: January 22.

What do Darwin, Truman, Brahms, Queen Victoria and giant cheese all have in common? January 22, that’s what!

History Schmistory: January 21. Off with his head!

1793: After being found guilty of treason by the French Convention, Louis XVI of France is executed by guillotine. A perfect excuse to roll out our Bastille video! Viva la France!

GO THERE! “Can I get this in large print?”

This ain’t no Photoshop! That’s right, the south wall of the Kansas City Public Library displays 22 GIANT mylar book spines up to 25 feet tall. As of yet, none are available for checkout.

History Schmistory: January 21. No Smoking Ladies!

January 21, 1908. NYC says NO to women smoking in public.

GO THERE! Scandinavian Subterranean Art!

Warning: If you take a trip to Stockholm, you may never leave the subway. It is, after all, the longest art exhibit in the world

History Schmistory: January 20. Prez-time for Ronzo!

1981: At age 69, Ronald Reagan becomes the oldest man ever to be inaugurated as US President. Today, he remains history’s only US President to have ever starred in a movie with a monkey…

Note: We are aware that chimps are not actually monkeys, but it just sounds funnier.

History Schmistory: January 20. Go South!

January 20, 2007. Heart of Southern Pole Reached on Skis!

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