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History Schmistory, June 18: No Monk-eying Around!

1178 5 Canterbury monks reported an explosion on moon. The monks sighting coincides with the Taurid meteor shower. Modern astronomers say that there would be spewing molten matter from a meteor impact, which would explain the monks description of the event.

So they weren’t just telling tales…

The Moon, the moon, the moon is ON FIRE!

History Schmistory, June 17: The Good Kind of Good.

1119 – Charles the Good became Count of Flanders. Charles was known for his kindness and generosity towards the less fortunate. You could always count on him! 

Hey look! It’s Good ol’ Charles.

History Schmistory, June 16: Wait, She Didn’t Die?

1567 – Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle prison in Scotland. While we had mentioned in a previous “History Schmistory” that Monty Python says Ms. Mary dies, we were on a mission to find the REAL story. Take that Monty!

In case you missed it, here’s another clip of Mr. Python’s take on the Q of S….

Encounters at a Fancy French Boutique

The other day, I decided to go shopping in Paris, ignorantly thinking that fancy French boutiques welcome everyone. How wrong I as. THis place was so fancy that its music had only one lyric being sung over an dover and the t-shits were delicately hung up individually. People stood examining the clothes, not even shopping, just staring. This was not clothing, but art. IT was the kind of place where if you have to ask the price of something, you shouldn’t be shopping there. I was unworthy and they made sure to let me know.

History Schmistory, June 15: FRRREEEEDDDOOOMMMM!

1215 – King John signed Magna Carta in Runnymede, England. Magna Carta was the first document forced onto an English King by a group of his subjects. It also influenced the early settlers in New England and inspired later constitutional documents, including the United States Constitution. We The People say…


Aw Man! Do I have to give up all my controlling powers?

To Do List 6/15

To Do List 6/14

The Money Belt

Are you deathly afraid of pick-pockets? Are you afraid to travel for fear that someone will steal your money? Well, it’s time to put your worried mind at ease now that you can get a money belt! Money belts hold your money, passport and other valuables that you desire to keep hidden from those pesky pick-pockets. They’re convenient, portable, and can be used to fit all your fashion needs! Wear the money belt any way you desire!


Under the shirt: To hide it from pick-pockets!

Over the shirt: So pick-pockets won’t want to come near you!

And much much more! Make it your own with money belt!

Welcome to Versailles

Ladies and gentlemen, the place that housed people considered offensively fancy by French people.

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