MarcoNauts Abroad: The AP European History Tour in France & Germany

OK, MarcoNauts! Summer abroad is here! American teens and MarcoNauts Matt and Siena will be taking to the air, rails, and internets to keep you posted on the latest in boring churches, soporific museums, and lifeless palaces now filled with curious, cloying, portly, petulant tourists. Can’t wait! Just look for “sienajeakle” or “mattjeakle” in the byline to see who wrote the post. You’ll notice Siena writing a lot about food and fashion, while Matt is likely to focus on comedy. Both Matt and Siena are high school students preparing for AP European History courses next year, so you can learn along with them.

And let us know about your own travels as we shrink this Big Blue Marble down small enough to marvel at it and have a laugh or two.