GO THERE! attn pin-heads












Not that anyone¬†needs another reason to go to Vegas, but the “Pinball Hall of Fame” is always reason enough for Marco.

History Schmistory: August 26. Well, let him out!

1819: Britain’s Prince Albert is born. Doctor uses can opener.



Caffe Rivoire, Firenze: Tales of Tourists Walking Around Aimlessly

Deadword of the Day: Monsterful

Monsterful: Wonderful, delightful

As in: Oh the monstrosity of these monsterful monsters!

GO THERE! Cave tubing, anyone?

Belize has a lot of caves, many of which were inhabited by the ancient Mayan civilization and are full of artifacts. Some of them you can float through on a tube!

A Revolutionary Summer…

Arab Spring got you on edge? Here’s a Revolution that might sooner bring the edge down on you!

History Schmistory: August 25. Life on the Moon?

1835: The New York Sun begins to perpetuate what later became known as the Great Moon Hoax, six articles written by a fictitious doctor who claimed that he viewed the moon through “an immense telescope of an entirely new principle” and discovered it was inhabited by, among other things, bat-people…

The articles caused quite a stir, not seen again until another bat-like hoax hit the mainstream many moons later…

Deadword of the Day: Strigil

Strigil: An ancient tool for scraping dirt and sweat off the body, (before soap was invented).

As in: May I borrow your strigil?


At over 2,500 years old, Budva, Montenegro, is one of the most well preserved medieval cities you could ever get lost in.

Ludicrous Latin: Finis aetatis

End of an era.










Steve Jobs resigns…

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