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History Schmistory: May 22. Not so Constant-ine

337: Emperor Constantine the Great dies, age 65, after a reign of 30+ years. After converting Rome to Chrisitanity, and founding a second empire at Constantinople, he dies before being able to collect Social Security.

The Making of Lorenzo

This music video for Team Marco Polo involved creating a fake concert stage with colored lights, animating a still image to create theatrical fog, keying green-screen footage and compositing several shots together to create the illusion of a one-man clone band!

Viral Marco: A really cute kid speaks French!

History Schmistory, March 29: Beethoven Rolls Over!

1795 – Beethoven (age 24) debuts as pianist in Vienna.

Viral Marco: Euronerds rule!

More Paris travel tips from Euronerd, Steve Ricks!

History Schmistory, March 27: Diss in Venice

1309 – Pope Clement V excommunicates Venice and all its population.

VIRAL TEAM MARCO POLO. The Bells of Notre Dame: Horror Movie Version

History Schmistory, March 26: What do you think of our government, baby?

1871 – Paris Commune, often said to be the first example of working people taking power, is founded.The commune ended after just two months. Great veggie meals and ultimate frisbee, but, unfortunately, no one wanted to do the dishes or clean the bathrooms.

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