Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Jacopo Peri, the original opera man, was born today in 1561. Play it again, Marco!

A word from Marco: GUILTY!

Hey, Gerard! We know traveling is fun, but we all must remember to use the restroom before our descent.










He was probably preparing for his upcoming role in ‘Mistakes on a Plane’

HAHAHA! C’mon!

History Schmistory: August 15th: Where do those yellows bricks lead?

1939 – Hollywood

The Wizard of OZ premieres! And the stereotype of the Witch is born! (You know, they were never green!)




TMP Favs: The Beatles

Paul McCartney re-releases “McCartney”

How To: Make an Authentic Renaissance Hairstyle!

From Team Marco Polo fan Janet’s YouTube channel!

Parks of France

Check out the top ten national parks in France!


Do you drone on about castles in Europe?

Well, here’s the video for you!


Cheap travel in Europe!


Get Small!

Love traveling to tiny countries? You’ll dig this!


The Gathering: Ireland 2013 Itinerary

Here’s where Team Marco Polo will be on the Emerald Isle July 1 thru 10. We’ll be blogging and posting videos! We can’t wait!

View O’Callaghan Mont Clare Hotel in a larger map

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