Are You For Real?

Spaghetti doesn’t grow on trees! Or does it?

In honor of April Fool’s Day, we’re throwing it back to one of the most famous gagsĀ in history. Back in 1957, BBC pranked its viewers with a faux news story featuring the discovery of a seemingly improbable crop of noodles sproutingĀ from trees in Switzerland.

Take a look!


History Schmistory: January 31. Stick to the Plan.

1930: 3m begins marketing “Scotch” tape. Introduces the world to Scotty McTape.


















Funny Story: Scotch tape got its name from an angry customer, who complained that 3M was manufacturing its masking tape too cheaply, and told company engineer Richard Drew to, “take this tape back to your stingy Scotch bosses and tell them to put more adhesive on it.”

History Schmistory: January 31. Guy Executed!

January 31, 1606. Guy Fawkes, of the foiled “Gunpowder Plot”, is executed.

History Schmistory: January 30. Hi-yo, Silver!

January 30, 1933. Lone Ranger radio show debuts!

Full Video Schmistory: January 29!

What do Kansas, Mercedes Benz, Edgar Allan Poe and mad King George III all have in common? January 29th, silly!

History Schmistory: January 28. “Dear Horace, I just had a happy accident.”

1754: The first use of the word “serendipity” in the English language is noted in a letter from Horace Walpole to Horace Mann. A letter between Horaces! Walpole said he formed it from the Persian fairy tale The Three Princes of Serendip, whose heroes “were always making discoveries, by accidents and sagacity, of things they were not in quest of”. Mann convinced Walpole to truncate the fledgling term from the original; “Serendipity-doo-dah.”

History Schmistory: January 28. A Brick is Born!

January 28, 1958. Lego patents its signature brick.

History Schmistory: January 27. “Isn’t the world awesome! Let’s start a club!”

1888: The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C. by a collective of 33 explorers and scientists. Their mission: “To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while promoting the conservation of the world’s cultural, historical, and natural resources.” Later the group added, “and yellow rectangles!”

History Schmistory: January 27. Telegrams Stop.

January 27, 2006. Western Union discontinues telegram services. Finally.

History Schmistory: January 26. Did you sea that?

1911: Glenn H. Curtiss flies the first successful American seaplane, executing a flawless landing, a feat that remains much more difficult than it looks.




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