History Schmistory: October 19. Somebody please do something historic!

Today in history kinda bites. Nothing all that significant, fun, or crazy to report. So, here you go!

History Schmistory: October 18. Happy Alaska Day!

1867: The United States moves in with Alaska after purchasing the territory from Russia for 7.2 million clams. They live together for 92 years before finally making the relationship official in 1959. Meanwhile, Canada insists they are carrying Alaska’s baby.

History Schmistory: October 17. Flow this way!

1814: The London Beer  Flood occurs in, you guessed it, London, killing nine and inebriating several others.

History Schmistory: October 16. Going up?

1986: Reinhold Messner becomes the first person to scale all 14 ‘Eight-thousanders’ (every mountain over 8,000 meters, or 26,247 ft high.) How many can you name? …Yeah, other than Everest and K2 :) List here!

History Schmistory: October 15. Quick, name a hockey player!

1989: Wayne Gretzky becomes the all-time leading scorrer in the NHL, and remains the only hockey player NBA fans can name on the spot.


History Schmistory: October 14. Poor Steve.

2003: 95 years (to the day) after the Chicago Cubs won their last World Series title, fan Steve Bartman does his part to make sure it doesn’t happen again, in what has become known as the Steve Bartman incident. Should be a holiday in Florida. Though, in all fairness, he was really just the unfortunate scapegoat for the Cubbies monumental choke-fest.

History Schmistory: October 11. “Doing It Right”

1929: JC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware. But this was not just any ordinary JC Penney, this was THE JC Penney that officially put them in every state in the US, a first for any American chain store. Many Delaware state officials later confessed that they were just tired of doing it wrong.









By the way, did you know the C in JC Penney stands for Cash? As in founder, James Cash Penney… That was his real name. Seriously, this was the Great Depression, pennies could get you a lot back then. Today, he would be the equivalent of Donald Trump being named Donald Cash Money.

History Schmistory: October 10. What about Spaceland Security?

1967: The Outer Space Treaty, signed by over sixty nations including the US, the UK and the Soviet Union, becomes official. It serves as a binding promise to keep space open for everyone to explore, and to not use it to store and/or fire weapons of mass destruction. Many feel the agreement only makes it easier for outside forces to take advantage of the opportunity.

History Schmistory: October 9. “Nice shirt! I love reggae!”

1967: Only a day after his capture, Argentine-Cuban Revolutionary, ErnestoChe” Guevara, is executed in Bolivia for attempting to start a revolution there. T-shirt prices skyrocket.

History Schmistory: October 8. Today never happened.

1582: Italy, Portugal, Poland and Spain adopt the Gregorian calendar, officially eliminating this day from existence.

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