Not your everyday zombies…

Every year around this time, Marco has the dreaded “zombie dream”, specifically, zombie emperors from ancient Rome. Yeah, totally weird. Hopefully it’s not some kind of doomsday premonition. Sweet dreams!

Schmistory follow-up …

Ask and ye shall receive. Jumanji in Ohio!!

History Schmistory: October 17. Flow this way!

1814: The London Beer  Flood occurs in, you guessed it, London, killing nine and inebriating several others.

History Schmistory: October 11. “Doing It Right”

1929: JC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware. But this was not just any ordinary JC Penney, this was THE JC Penney that officially put them in every state in the US, a first for any American chain store. Many Delaware state officials later confessed that they were just tired of doing it wrong.









By the way, did you know the C in JC Penney stands for Cash? As in founder, James Cash Penney… That was his real name. Seriously, this was the Great Depression, pennies could get you a lot back then. Today, he would be the equivalent of Donald Trump being named Donald Cash Money.

GO THERE! But don’t tell them we sent you.

Though you will have to find a way to get permission to enter, if ghost towns are your fancy, this is likely the scariest one of all. Nicknamed Village of the Damned; Dudley Town, Connecticut, was once a prosperous town, but a series of odd occurrences, including ghost sightings, inexplicable murders and suicides, mass hysteria, and demonic manifestations ultimately caused the remaining townsfolk to run away screaming. Dan Aykroid calls it the scariest place on Earth. That’s right, even Ghostbusters won’t go near it.