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The city of Anoka, Minnesota, has been celebrating Halloween festival style since 1920. Now they claim, with good reason, to be the “Halloween capital of the world”. And they have the mural to prove it…

History Schmistory: October 20. No worries, mate!

1973: 10 years overdue and $95 million over budget, the Sydney Opera House finally opens, and quickly becomes the universal icon of Australia. That is, until Crocodile Dundee comes out.

GO THERE! Pumpkin-heads!

This Saturday, if you love carving jack-o-lanterns and are anywhere near New Hampshire, the Keene Pumpkin Festival is your Halloween dream come true! And its “Orange Towers” are a pumpkin’s worst nightmare realized.











To get your share of Halloween spooks, look no further than The Stanley Hotel in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This hotel and its ghostly inhabitants, which inspired Stephen Kings novel/movie The Shining, go the extra mile during haunting season. So book a room on the fourth floor, the most paranormally active floor, and don’t expect to sleep a wink. No better way to spend Halloween! Which in Marco’s case means curled up in the fetal position, crying for mommy.

GO THERE! But don’t tell them we sent you.

Though you will have to find a way to get permission to enter, if ghost towns are your fancy, this is likely the scariest one of all. Nicknamed Village of the Damned; Dudley Town, Connecticut, was once a prosperous town, but a series of odd occurrences, including ghost sightings, inexplicable murders and suicides, mass hysteria, and demonic manifestations ultimately caused the remaining townsfolk to run away screaming. Dan Aykroid calls it the scariest place on Earth. That’s right, even Ghostbusters won’t go near it.

GO THERE! …at your own risk

They don’t get much more haunted than Ireland’s Leap Castle, where, in its heyday, death and violence were part of the daily routine. During its renovation, a dungeon was discovered with spiked floors and piles of human bones. So, it’s safe to say there are hordes of ghosts roaming around up in this joint. But wait, there’s more! Having once been the meeting place for dozens of occult activities, it is believed that a hostile Elemental creature, nicknamed “It”, was summoned to Leap Castle from… wherever Elementals are summoned from. This little grey humanoid makes his presence known first with the stench of rotting flesh, and though it hasn’t made as many appearances, it remains the most feared apparition in the castle, commonly known not just to intimidate but to attack thrill-seeking tourists.

GO THERE! …and bring a flashlight!




















El Panteon de Belen is an historical cemetery built in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1848. Though it closed in 1896, it remains open to the public as one of the most incessantly haunted cemeteries in the world.  So, of course the best time to be there is for the special nighttime tour.

The most popular day of the year?

Hallo-what? No, silly!

November 2, Mexico’s Day of the Dead!


It’s Halloween season, so it’s time to get to know some of the more spooky, scary and downright creepy destinations in the world, starting with Portugal’s Capela dos Ossos, or Chapel of Bones.

This 16th Century chapel is stacked wall to wall with human bone remnants from the once overcrowded cemeteries, with the intention of embracing death as an ephemeral and joyous spiritual transition. But really, it just ended up being super creepy. The inscription at the door: Nós ossos que aqui estamos pelos vossos esperamos (“We bones, lying here, for yours we wait.”) Makes us go all prinkly!!

GO THERE! Hang with puppets!









The World Puppetry Festival in the French Ardennes starts Friday, September 16th. Go there and bring us some souvenirs!













The Eden Project is a can’t miss family attraction in Cornwall, UK, that boasts the largest greenhouse in the world. And the coolest looking one, we think.

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