Deadword of the Day: Snoutfair

Snoutfair: A person with attractive facial features

As in: Marco Polo is the most snoutfair person I know!


Ludicrous Latin: Adaugeo-

Add on

















-National Architects Union Headquarters, Romania

Deadword of the Day: Blepharon

Blepharon: One who has great eyebrows.

As in: Hey, that blepharon has pointy teeth!


Ludicrous Latin: Nemo dat puer in angulo

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”












Patrick Swayze: Born today in 1952

Ludicrous Latin: Integrare in hoc

“Merge this way”

Deadword of the Day: Yeepsen

Yeepsen: As much as you can hold in two hands. A double-handful.

As in: I’ll take a yeepsen of baby owls, please.

Ludicrous Latin: Id oppidum circumfusis

Bring it around town!

Ludicrous Latin: Perge porro

Go Long

Ludicrous Latin: Ut si!

As if!

Ludicrous Latin: Iterum in rubrum

Back in the red

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