Deadword of the Day: Frout

Frout: A word for an animal’s reaction when they are suddenly scared poopless.

As in: The puppy frouted and ran to the nearest exit.

Deadword of the Day: Barking-iron

Barking-iron: Another word for gun.

As in: “Put down the barking-iron and let us settle this like gentlemen…”

Deadword of the Day: Holm

Holm: A low, flat stretch of land on the banks of a river.

As in: Say, you think that’s Ian’s Holm?

Ludicrous Latin: Nos nunquam alieno

We will never forget

Deadword of the Day: Lifelode

Lifelode: The leading of one’s life

As in: How’s the lifelode?

Deadword of the Day: Crazling

Crazling: One who is consumed with crazy.

As in: I am surrounded by crazlings.

Deadword of the Day: Quanked

Quanked: Overpowered with fatigue.

As in: I am so quanked this morning. 

Ludicrous Latin: Observare theatrum!

Go take in a show!

The Globe Theatre, London

Deadword of the Day: Monsterful

Monsterful: Wonderful, delightful

As in: Oh the monstrosity of these monsterful monsters!

Deadword of the Day: Strigil

Strigil: An ancient tool for scraping dirt and sweat off the body, (before soap was invented).

As in: May I borrow your strigil?

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