Deadword of the Day: Soul-case

Soul-case: Body

As in: My soul-case doesn’t bend that way. 

Deadword of the Day: Nurk

Nurk: A name for the runt of a litter.

As in: Poor little nurk…

Deadword of the Day: Frout

Frout: A word for an animal’s reaction when they are suddenly scared poopless.

As in: The puppy frouted and ran to the nearest exit.


Deadword of the Day: Barking-iron

Barking-iron: Another word for gun.

As in: “Put down the barking-iron and let us settle this like gentlemen…”

Deadword of the Day: Holm

Holm: A low, flat stretch of land on the banks of a river.

As in: Say, you think that’s Ian’s holm?

Ludicrous Latin: Nos nunquam alieno

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Deadword of the Day: Gillmaw

Gillmaw: A glutton. One who eats waaaay too much.

As in: What’s for dinner, gillmaw?


Deadword of the Day: Wherefore

Wherefore: Why? For what reason? (Not where!)

As In: Wherefore art thou, Li’l Romeo?

Ludicrous Latin: Vita non sistit donec sepultis

“It don’t stop ’til the casket drop” -Tupac Shakur











Gunned down on September 7, 1996.

Deadword of the Day: Nocent

Nocent: Guilty. Opposite of Innocent. Makes perfect sense, don’t it?

As In: Suspect is nocent, until proven otherwise.

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