EasyJet founder to launch new airline

Unlike EasyJet, the new airline will be a low-cost carrier based in Europe. Wait! EasyJet is a low-cost carrier based in Europe! Silly European-persons!

photo: easyjet

Sacre Bleu! France goes all foodie tomorrow!

France hosts its first national food festival tomorrow

photo: guardian, UK

. Weird. I never really associated France with food…

OK, we get it. It was hot in Florence…

Some whiny tourist complains about the heat in the summer in Florence, Italy in the Washington Post. These people should have visited Dallas.  Funny, the weather was great when The Team was there in July! First rule of travel: NO CRYBABIES!

Photo: Lars Peterson

Marco in the News!

Good overview of Team Marco Polo by Seattle PI:

Marco Live!

Scenes from Marco Polo Live! at WestFest in Seattle, Saturday, September 17.

Pics from Marco Polo Live!

Kids love Marco Polo! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 10Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 01Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 02Kids Smile: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 03Marco Polo Rocks the House! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 04Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 05
Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 06Battle for a DVD: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 07Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 08Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 09With KING-TV Evening Magazine Host Jim Dever: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 11Big Fans come in all sizes! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 12

MarcoWestFest2011, a set on Flickr.

Marco Polo rocked the house at WestFest, the fall festival in Seattle today. Lots of fun and a bunch of new friends. Big thanks to Jim Dever from KING-TV’s Evening Magazine for hosting the show!

Bring the Kids to WestFest in West Seattle!

Happy Birthday, Marco Polo!

MarcoNauts Abroad! The Acropolis. Athens, Greece.