History Schmistory: September 13. “Curses!”

1898: After a long bout with Eastman-Kodak, Hannibal Goodwin is awarded a patent for the celluloid photographic film roll, luckily before Edison found a way to swoop in and steal the idea for himself. Speaking of, here’s Tommy shining a light bulb in your face.

What a jerk!


Deadword of the Day: Frout

Frout: A word for an animal’s reaction when they are suddenly scared poopless.

As in: The puppy frouted and ran to the nearest exit.

GO THERE! Hang with puppets!









The World Puppetry Festival in the French Ardennes starts Friday, September 16th. Go there and bring us some souvenirs!













The Eden Project is a can’t miss family attraction in Cornwall, UK, that boasts the largest greenhouse in the world. And the coolest looking one, we think.

Deadword of the Day: Barking-iron

Barking-iron: Another word for gun.

As in: “Put down the barking-iron and let us settle this like gentlemen…”

History Schmistory: September 12. Classic 50s Alien Encounter.

1952: Flatwoods, West Virginia. The “Flatwoods Monster” emerges from her crashed UFO to witness 8 humans and a dog staring at her. Here’s more…

A Name You Should Know: Aleda E. Lutz

1st Lieutenant Aleda E. Lutz was an American army flight nurse who flew an unprecedented 196 missions during World War II, totaling over 800 hours, evacuating over 3,500 injured men to safety from the battlefront. During her 196th mission she became the first military woman to die in a combat zone.  Hey HBO! There’s a mini-series for ya! You’re welcome.

Are You For Real? Gateway to hell lies in Turkmenistan!

Hell’s Gate is the Nickname for this giant hole in the middle of  the Kara-Kum Desert in Turkmenistan. It was discovered in 1971, when the ground gave way under an excavation team to reveal an opening to a massive underground cavern of natural gas. The hole was set ablaze, to keep the toxic fumes from spreading, and it has been burning non-stop for the last 40 years.

Deadword of the Day: Holm

Holm: A low, flat stretch of land on the banks of a river.

As in: Say, you think that’s Ian’s Holm?

Ludicrous Latin: Nos nunquam alieno

We will never forget

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