Krampus Edition is Here!

OK, Santa Dancers, the moment has arrived! Go to iTunes and grab the new Santa Dance: Krampus Edition and crank it to 11ish!

Team Marco Polo Poster

Paris poster

On the Set: Roman around the Set

How often do you see an Assistant Director in a toga? See, we told you Team Marco Polo was cool.

On the Set: Editor’s Bible

How do the editors know what to edit? The Team Marco Polo editor book at Filmateria Studios. Includes all effects, scripts, VOs & greenscreen directions. A Team Marco Polo editor’s bible.

On the Set: Gabi Goes Green.

Gabi goes green, then goes alpha. The magic of greenscreen!

Marco on KING TV’s “New Day Northwest!”

Marco shows Seattle the Santa Dance!


Marco in the News!

Good overview of Team Marco Polo by Seattle PI:

On the Set: Austin

Austin directs!


On the Set: Andrew

Andrew on camera!


On the Set: Matt and Siena


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