Marco on KING TV’s “New Day Northwest!”

Marco shows Seattle the Santa Dance!


Marco in the News!

Good overview of Team Marco Polo by Seattle PI:

On the Set: Austin

Austin directs!


On the Set: Andrew

Andrew on camera!


On the Set: Matt and Siena


On the Set: Siena


On the Set: Steve Ricks gets wild!

Whoa! Steve Ricks is getting crazy! (Actually, its Ethan Newberry, super talented actor, but don’t tell anyone).

On the Set: Gabi loves Marco THIS much!

On the Set: Marco chills while crew burns

Intern with Team Marco Polo!

In the mood for the toughest non-military non-paying job you’ll ever love? Consider becoming a Team Marco Polo intern. As you can see by the photo, you’ll be in the company of a team of cool, fashion-model good-looking cohorts making meaningful TV in the swank Filmateria Studios production facility in the shadow of Safeco Field. Plus, free Power Bars! Help make the world a better place! Intern with Team Marco Polo this summer! Send your resume to Team Marco Polo World HQ, and write “Summer Intern” in the subject line. You’ll be glad you did!

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