Cheap travel in Europe!

Featured Video: Louis XVI Takes a Selfie

MarcoNaut, Matt, telling us about his experience at Versailles!

History Schmistory, June 17: The Good Kind of Good.

1119 – Charles the Good became Count of Flanders. Charles was known for his kindness and generosity towards the less fortunate. You could always count on him! 

Hey look! It’s Good ol’ Charles.

We ♥ Ethan Newberry Week continues with Leo & Mike!

Ethan Newberry as Michelangelo. Jonathan Wright as Leonardo. Silly.

We ♥ Ethan Newberry Week continues with Steve Ricks 2!

We ♥ Ethan Newberry Week continues with Tim Gunn Project Runway spoof!

Ethan become’s Tim Gunn’s doppelganger and teaches us about medieval fashion!

We ♥ Ethan Newberry Week kicks off with Steve Ricks!

The most loving spoof of Rick Steves yet. Nobody Euronerds like Steve Ricks!