Ludicrous Latin: Neutiquam erro

I am not lost.

History Schmistory: June 20. Hide the Sausage.

1866 – Italy declares war on Austria. Austro-Prussian War begins. Many skip breakfast.


History Schmistory, June 20: Holy Toledo!

1212 – French & Spanish crusaders united against the Almohaden at Toledo–the city which now happens to be very famous for its swords. Most of the people that live there now must be pretty sharp!

'Toledo' by MartinPutz , CC BY-SA  3.0

‘Toledo’ by MartinPutz , CC BY-SA

History Schmistory: June 19. Let’s Conquer These Turkeys!

1097: Europeans capture Antioch. Crusaders enroll at University.


History Schmistory, June 19: Louis Can Really Deliver!

1464 – French King Louis XI formed The Postal Service aka Poste Royale. And yes, we are talking about the actual delivery system of mail, not the totally awesome alternative/rock band!

History Schmistory: June 18. Nice Treaty!

1538: Treaty of Nice: ends war between Emperor Charles V & King French I. Pillow fight ensues.


History Schmistory: June 18th: Waterloo Sunset!

1815:  The Battle of Waterloo, Belgium. Napoleon and Wellington ‘duke’ it out (see what we did there) and along the way incidentally provide ABBA with the keys to stardom!

The British victory at Waterloo heralded the end of Napoleonic ascendancy in Europe after over ten years as Emperor of The French.

"Creative commons, Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798"  digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY

“Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798”
digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY



History Schmistory, June 18: No Monk-eying Around!

1178 5 Canterbury monks reported an explosion on moon. The monks sighting coincides with the Taurid meteor shower. Modern astronomers say that there would be spewing molten matter from a meteor impact, which would explain the monks description of the event.

So they weren’t just telling tales…

The Moon, the moon, the moon is ON FIRE!

History Schmistory: June 17. A 2nd term of endearment.

1194: King Richard I of England is crowned for a second time. Reportedly liked the first one better.


History Schmistory, June 17: The Good Kind of Good.

1119 – Charles the Good became Count of Flanders. Charles was known for his kindness and generosity towards the less fortunate. You could always count on him! 

Hey look! It’s Good ol’ Charles.

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