History Schmistory: February 6. Let Us Ride the Rails!

February 6, 1815. The US says yes to laying the tracks!

History Schmistory: February 4. Sibling Rivalry!

February 4, 211. Roman Emperor, Septimius Severus dies without choosing an heir.

History Schmistory: February 3. Quite a Tunnel!

February 3, 1918. Twin Peaks streetcar tunnel opens in San Francisco.

History Schmistory: February 1. Words, Words, Words!

February 1, 1884. Dictionary: Part One!

History Schmistory: June 18th: Waterloo Sunset!

1815:  The Battle of Waterloo, Belgium. Napoleon and Wellington ‘duke’ it out (see what we did there) and along the way incidentally provide ABBA with the keys to stardom!

The British victory at Waterloo heralded the end of Napoleonic ascendancy in Europe after over ten years as Emperor of The French.

"Creative commons, Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798"  digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY

“Napoléon Bonaparte, 1798”
digital watercolor from painting by Édouard Detaille by Now Idonoa /CCBY



History Schmistory: January 30. Hi-yo, Silver!

January 30, 1933. Lone Ranger radio show debuts!

Howdy partner!

Howdy partner!

History Schmistory: January 28. A Brick is Born!

January 28, 1958. Lego patents its signature brick.

History Schmistory: January 27. Telegrams Stop.

January 27, 2006. Western Union discontinues telegram services. Finally.

History Schmistory: January 26. ROCK!

January 26, 1905. History’s largest diamond discovered!

History Schmistory: January 25. Free McCartney!

January 25, 1980. Paul McCartney deported from Japan. Avoids prison.

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