History Schmistory, June 12: An (Orange) Juicy Love Story.

1575 – William of Orange married Charlotte de Bourbon (a knock-out nun!). Things may not have worked out in his first two marriages, but I guess that’s why they say third time’s a charm!

His nickname is also William the Silent. Anyone know why?



History Schmistory: June 11. Hank 8 gets Hitched.

1509: Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon, wife number one. Guests who attend five subsequent weddings begin buying gifts in bulk at Costco.

IMAGE: www.flickr.com

History Schmistory, June 10: Jail House Rock!

1540 – Thomas Cromwell was arrested in Westminister. It’s safe to say his day probably went south from there. At least little bit.

Where did Crom go wrong?

History Schmistory, June 7: An ImPORTant Day in the Netherlands

1340 – Count Willem IV of Holland founded the “Gateway to Europe” also know as the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. It has the largest port in all of Europe–whatcha think a’boat that?

This place is ship shape!

History Schmistory, June 6: A “Peace” of History

1660 -Denmark & Sweden signed a peace treaty after nearly two years of fighting! C’mon you guys!  We can’t even tell you apart!

Awe how cute! They are BFF's (Best Flag Friends!)

History Schmistory, June 5: Titus fit

70 – Titus & his Roman legions breach the middle wall of Jerusalem.  Some people will do anything to get a famous arch named after them.

The Arch of Titus recounts the destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70AD

History Schmistory, June 4: Insert cheesy joke

1070 – Roquefort cheese was created in a cave near Roquefort, France! Insert your own cheesy joke here : )


History Schmistory, June 3: That Turkey is Toast!

1098 – After a 5-month siege in the 1st Crusade, the Crusaders seized A Turkey. And by A, we mean Antioch (the city in the country of Turkey, not the bird!)

Hey guys...I think we've got the wrong Turkey.

History Schmistory, May 24: Yo, Crusades!

1218 – The Fifth Crusade leaves Acre for Egypt.

History Schmistory: April 28. Roman Emperor born as Rome is about to die…

A.D. 359, the future Roman emperor Gratian was born. He, um, had a rough life. Gratian was the son of Emperor Valentinian I. When Valentinian died, Gratian ruled in the west and his uncle Valens ruled in the east. Gratian had been fighting the Alamanni while Valens was dealing with the Goths at Adrianople. Gratian was scheduled to come to Valens’ assistance, but arrived too late to prevent the disaster. The disaster at Adrianople is one of the major turning points in the fortunes of Imperial Rome and a possible date for Rome’s fall.

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