History Schmistory: June 13. The Peasants are Revolting.

1381: The Peasants Revolt begins in England. Wat Tyler leads a crowd of peasants who spend two glorious days killing the Archbishop of Canterbury and drinking in London. Then Wat Tyler was killed and the revolt ended. They got to keep their swag.

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History Schmistory, June 13: Act One For Adriana.

1655 – Adriana Nooseman-van de Bergh became the 1st actress in Amsterdam theater. That diva was never late for dress rehearsal!

You're nailing the happy/sad bipolar thing.


History Schmistory: June 12. Baaaad Blood.

1667: The first successful blood transfusion: Jean-Baptiste Denys transfuses a fifteen year old boy with sheep’s blood.

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History Schmistory, June 12: An (Orange) Juicy Love Story.

1575 – William of Orange married Charlotte de Bourbon (a knock-out nun!). Things may not have worked out in his first two marriages, but I guess that’s why they say third time’s a charm!

His nickname is also William the Silent. Anyone know why?



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History Schmistory: June 11. Hank 8 gets Hitched.

1509: Henry VIII marries Catherine of Aragon, wife number one. Guests who attend five subsequent weddings begin buying gifts in bulk at Costco.

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History Schmistory, June 11: The 8th And His 1st…Of 6!

1509 – King Henry VIII marries wife #1, Catharina of Aragon. She was so great, he got 5 more–which then resulted in much less closet space for him. Girls love their gowns!

Love triangle? Looks more like a love hexagon to me!

We ♥ Ethan Newberry Week continues with Steve Ricks 2!

History Schmistory, June 10: Jail House Rock!

1540 – Thomas Cromwell was arrested in Westminister. It’s safe to say his day probably went south from there. At least little bit.

Where did Crom go wrong?

History Schmistory: June 9. Debate cut off.

1815: The Congress of Vienna, called to remake Europe after the fall of Napolean, closes. Members celebrated by waltzing and eating those long cookies and little sausages served in tin cans. Weird.

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