Video Schmistory: January 15

It’s a sticky wicket on this day in History.

Christmas Around the World Full Episode!

Rent the full Christmas episode today.  At $1.99, it’s barely more than a ha’penny!

New York Times: Europe travel tips if you were born yesterday or are really stupid

Don’t you hate newspaper articles that tell you everything you already know? Today, The New York Times offers money saving Europe travel tips like “Be Flexible,” “Don’t just fly nonstop,” and “fly into nearby cities if it’s cheaper.” C’mon, gray lady! You’re better than that!

Ludicrous Latin: Cerebrum Avis

Bird Brain









“Say again?”


Shoebill Stork 

Deadword of the Day: Attitudinize

Attitudinize: To strike a pose with attitude.

As in: Excuse me while I attitudinize.

Deadword of the Day: Lunarian

Lunarian: An inhabitant of the moon.

As in: I’m proud to be a Lunarian American. 

Deadword of the Day: Crazling

Crazling: One who is consumed with crazy.

As in: I am surrounded by crazlings.

Deadword of the Day: Errorist

Errorist: One who errs. A proliferator of error.

As in: Major League Baseball has had its share of errorist attacks.
















Herman Long

Deadword of the Day: Monsterful

Monsterful: Wonderful, delightful

As in: Oh the monstrosity of these monsterful monsters!

Deadword of the Day: Strigil

Strigil: An ancient tool for scraping dirt and sweat off the body, (before soap was invented).

As in: May I borrow your strigil?

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