Christmas Around the World Full Episode!

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Deadword of the Day: Offscum

Offscum: That which is rejected as vile or worthless.

As In: The boss treats us like offscum.

Ludicrous Latin: Cerebrum Avis

Bird Brain









“Say again?”


Shoebill Stork 

Deadword of the Day: Attitudinize

Attitudinize: To strike a pose with attitude.

As in: Excuse me while I attitudinize.

Deadword of the Day: Lunarian

Lunarian: An inhabitant of the moon.

As in: I’m proud to be a Lunarian American. 

Deadword of the Day: Crazling

Crazling: One who is consumed with crazy.

As in: I am surrounded by crazlings.

Deadword of the Day: Errorist

Errorist: One who errs. A proliferator of error.

As in: Major League Baseball has had its share of errorist attacks.
















Herman Long

Deadword of the Day: Monsterful

Monsterful: Wonderful, delightful

As in: Oh the monstrosity of these monsterful monsters!

Deadword of the Day: Strigil

Strigil: An ancient tool for scraping dirt and sweat off the body, (before soap was invented).

As in: May I borrow your strigil?

Deadword of the Day: Sandillions

Sandillions: Numbers like grains of sand on the shore.

As in: Sandillions of  poor helpless rubber duckies are abandoned every day

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