Tales of Tourists Walking Around Aimlessly: Florence, Italy

Ah, beautiful Florence Italy. Nestled in the hills of Tuscany, this one time medieval colossus thrives today as a mecca for tourists, students, and artists. Home to Renaissance superstars such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, and Botticelli. Does the world’s next great artist walk these streets today, disguised as an unsuspecting tourist? Only posterity can know, next time on TALES OF TOURISTS WALKING AROUND AIMLESSLY!

Video Schmistory: January 8.

The week of January 8 in History Schmistory!

Christmas Around the World Full Episode!

Rent the full Christmas episode today.  At $1.99, it’s barely more than a ha’penny!

New York Times: Europe travel tips if you were born yesterday or are really stupid

Don’t you hate newspaper articles that tell you everything you already know? Today, The New York Times offers money saving Europe travel tips like “Be Flexible,” “Don’t just fly nonstop,” and “fly into nearby cities if it’s cheaper.” C’mon, gray lady! You’re better than that!

GO THERE! Tuscany for literature lovers

Get your lit on!

Marco in the News!

Good overview of Team Marco Polo by Seattle PI:

Pics from Marco Polo Live!

Kids love Marco Polo! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 10Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 01Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 02Kids Smile: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 03Marco Polo Rocks the House! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 04Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 05
Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 06Battle for a DVD: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 07Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 08Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 09With KING-TV Evening Magazine Host Jim Dever: Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 11Big Fans come in all sizes! Marco Polo Live! in Seattle - 12

MarcoWestFest2011, a set on Flickr.

Marco Polo rocked the house at WestFest, the fall festival in Seattle today. Lots of fun and a bunch of new friends. Big thanks to Jim Dever from KING-TV’s Evening Magazine for hosting the show!

MarcoNauts Abroad! The Acropolis. Athens, Greece.