History Schmistory: St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17 because that is the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17 in the year 461 AD.


Earth is cool.

View of earth from the international space station. Lights, storms, atmosphere.  Amazing.

St. Patrick’s Day is Nigh!

It’s March! And you know what that means!

History Schmistory: February 15. Words From Columbus!

February 15, 1493. Columbus writes a letter describing (and exaggerating) his voyage.

History Schmistory: February 16. Emergency!

February 16, 1968. 9-1-1 service begins.

History Schmistory: February 13. We Do Covers!

February 13, 1867. The Polluted River Zenne gets a cover-up.

Valentine’s Day Around the World Video!

Learn how they celebrate love in Scotland, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Finland, England, and Italy!

History Schmistory: February 12. Don’t Scream!

February 12, 1994. Edvard Munch’s most iconic painting is stolen.

History Schmistory: February 11. The Senate Show!

February 11, 1794. First US Senate session opens to the public.

History Schmistory: February 10. Computer Date Checkmate!

February 10, 1996. Computer defeats a Chess Grandmaster.

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