New Year’s Day in History: History Schmistory

What happened on New Year’s Day in History? With jokes.

One more time, with feeling!

Seems like only yesterday was St. Nicholas Day. Let’s relive the magic!

Happy Kwanzaa!

Kwanzaatime is here!

History Schmistory: December 25 in History

Ever wondered what happened in history on Christmas Day. Here are some of the biggies, with jokes.

Christmas Around the World: A Very Marco Christmas

Everything you always wanted to know about the winter solstice

Explained by Marco Polo. Happy Solstice!

Krampus Edition is Here!

OK, Santa Dancers, the moment has arrived! Go to iTunes and grab the new Santa Dance: Krampus Edition and crank it to 11ish!

Do the Santa Dance!

Marco Polo’s Super Awesome 21st Century Santa Claus Dance v2.0

Santa Dance Version 2.0 now live on YouTube! Happy Holidays!

The Christmas Elves of Scotland

In Scotland, during Christmas, roving bands of elves are warded off by defensive walls of fire. AWESOME!

The St. Nick Strut!

You’ve heard of The Santa Dance, but do you know the St. Nick Strut? Marco takes to the streets in search of Saint Nicholas. What he finds isn’t pretty. Actually, it’s kinda cute.

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