History Schmistory: April 16. First Woman to Fly Across English Channel.

1912. Harriet Quimby became the first woman to fly across the English Channel. British historians were quoted saying: “Finally, a bird flies south!”

Happy Birthday, Renaissance Man!

Happy Birthday, Leonardo Da Vinci! 559 years young today! Born April 15, 1452.

Quiz: Amster Amster….

dam dam dam. Take the Amsterdam travel quiz!

Ludicrous Latin: Caesar si viveret, ad remum dareris.

If Caesar were alive, you’d be chained to an oar!

History Schmistory: April 15. Czechoslovakia goes Schizo!

1993. Czechoslovakia peacefully split into two new countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech Republic gets the house and Slovakia gets the car.

From One Renaissance Man to Another….

Admiring the life of Sidney Harman, a modern Renaissance man, who passed away yesterday at 92. From one Renaissance Man to another….

Ludicrous Latin: Noli me vocate, ego te vocabo.

Don’t call me, I’ll call you

Ludicrous Latin: Sona si latine loqueris.

Honk if you speak Latin.

History Schmistory: April 13. Edict of Nantes.

1598. King Henry IV of France signed the Edict of Nantes, granting rights to the Protestant Huguenots. No truth to the rumor they got their name from enemies saying “You are HUGE–NOT!”

Renaissance Man Dies

He recited Shakespeare by heart, followed jazz and classical music, was president of a college, and bought Newsweek.  Renaissance Man Sidney Harmon dies at 92.

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