Presented by:
Team Marco Polo/Filmateria Studios

Legendary 13th century explorer Marco Polo will rock your stockings off as he performs songs from the hit edutainment web series, Team Marco Polo!

History’s Marco Polo has been stuck here in the “future” for few years now and has decided to make the best of it by dedicating himself to one mission: to make it as fun as humanly possible to learn about the world! Watch Marco, troubadour style, engaging audiences of all ages in an energetic, interactive and informative way, as he performs music from his web tv show and upcoming CD including; an ode to Leonardo Da Vinci; a silly song about history’s looniest leaders; an over-the-top tribute to his home city, Venice, Italy; a life lesson about taking full advantage of exploratory possibilities; and featuring a rapid fire musical recital of EVERY COUNTRY on the PLANET! Some appropriate covers and fun seasonal songs from our popular YouTube channel are sure to pop up as well. It’s a madcap guide to the world, Marco style! As Marco always says:

“To learn about the world is to learn about yourself, so keep exploring!”

Target Audience:

8-15 but there’s plenty for all ages!

Show currently consists of Marco and his guitar only. PA can be provided for larger spaces.

  • $325 for full 45-50 minute show
  • $275 for 30 minute set
  • $200 for 15 minute set
  • $125 for “Countries of Your Planet” only  -by popular demand 🙂
  • +$25 for each additional “Countries” performance (great for classrooms!)

Here’s an exclusive look at the new “Countries of Your Planet” music video!

To book a show, please contact:

Jonathan Wright

Thanks for your time!