Hkia Consultancy Agreement

26.4 If, by implementing the measures, the Contractor reduces, but does not completely erase, the delay in the completion of the works or of a section for which the Contractor would be entitled to an extension of time under clause 25 without the proposals for recovery of the delay, subject to the terms of the agreement between the architect and the Contractor in accordance with clause 26, However, an additional period shall be granted to the holder for the duration of the under-exploited delay. # It would seem that any proposal needs some sort of discussion and adjustment, as it is unlikely that the first proposal will be adopted immediately. It is therefore not a simple offer and acceptance transaction. In order to avoid any doubt, the terms of the agreement must be duly written and documented. # (b) the residual benefit of agreements relating to the supply of materials or goods, the execution of works and the hire of installations and equipment within 14 days of the date of fixing. 4.3 (1) Subject to subsections 4.2 (1) and 4.3.2, the contractor shall have all instructions that the architect is authorized to issue under the conditions, as soon as practicable. In the event of a disagreement between the architect and the contractor as to whether an instruction involves an amendment, the contractor shall comply with the instruction and, if not satisfied, require that the disagreement be resolved in accordance with clause 41. .