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Known as South America’s most adorable and most endangered primate, the Cotton-Top Tamarin is a monkey that must be seen to be believed. And even then you’re pushing it.

History Schmistory: September 30. Too soon?

1955: After starring in only 3 movies, legendary actor James Dean dies in an auto collision, forever distinguishing him as the rebel without a seatbelt.

By Trailer screenshot (Rebel Without a Cause trailer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Trailer screenshot (Rebel Without a Cause trailer) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A Name You Should Know: Bill Lear

Most people who do know the name, credit him as the developer of the luxury aircraft, the Learjet, but there are plenty of even better reasons to sing the praises of Bill Lear. Anyone who listens to music in their vehicles must give him credit for inventing the first car radio and then the eight-track tape player. Not enough for you? OK, then, he also basically invented radio navigation AND autopilot technology. On top of that he even had a great sense of humor. He named his daughter Shanda… Shanda Lear… brilliant!!















The Kremlin, you say? Well you could say that but you would be flat wrong. St Basil’s Cathedral, which lies just to the east of the Moscow Kremlin, is often incorrectly referred to as “the Kremlin” by most people who have never been to Russia. Kremlin is actually a term for the fortified government bases found at the heart of numerous historic Russian cities. The Moscow Kremlin, with it’s opulent palaces, is also where the President of the Russian Federation lives. To us though, in Moscow, St. Basil’s takes the cake. And we owe it all to Ivan the Terrible! That’s right. Not quite so terrible now, is he?

Ludicrous Latin: Venimus, vidimus, et suffocatus est

We came, we saw, we choked


History Schmistory: September 29. Stool ka-Boom!

1911: Italy declares war on the Ottomans. All they ever wanted was to be comfortable.

By Wikipedia Loves Art participant "VeronikaB" [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Wikipedia Loves Art participant “VeronikaB” [CC BY 2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons


Is your job physically demanding? Are you suffering from any sort of chronic physical pain? Do yourself a favor: Hop over to Iceland (gingerly) and relax in the 100°F geothermal seawater pools at the Blue Lagoon Resort. Then drop us a thank you note for telling you about it.

Deadword of the Day: Ornithoscopy

Ornithoscopy: A marriage of sorts between bird-watching and soothsaying . (Not to be confused with Ornithology; the study of birds.)

As in: According to experts in Ornithoscopy, the birds tell us that this movie will cost around 8-10 dollars to see in theaters. Amazing!

Deadword of the Day: Ostentiferous

Ostentiferous: That which brings monsters or other strange and dangerous creatures.

As in: Looks like an ostentiferous version of “Lost”. I’m in!

Cryptozoology Break! The Bunyip

Australia’s native Aborigines have plenty of tales involving a ferocious freshwater creature called the Bunyip, who comes out of the water at nightfall to hunt for their children. Descriptions vary greatly, from dog-faced to reptilian to starfish shaped. Since “Bunyip” actually translates to “evil spirit”, shape-shifting is probably not out of the question. But, it is more likely the Aborigines could never accurately describe it because they were busy running for their lives in the other direction. A solid survival technique in this case.

Art by Allen Douglas

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