Federal Acquisition Regulation Interagency Agreement

(c) where an inter-authority agreement is concluded, agencies are invited to consider defining procedures to resolve issues that may arise from the agreement. 3. Expand the business case analysis requirement when creating multi-agency contracts (MACs) to government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs). As a result, the procedures for implementing MACs and GWACs have been postponed from FAR 17.502-2 (d) to 17.502-1 (c) and linked to the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) guidelines. Answer: For FSS orders over $500,000, in accordance with section 865 of the NDAA, it is necessary to determine the best procurement approach for fiscal year 2009. This status does not encourage the sharing of orders above the $500,000 threshold. FSS contracts are already priority sources, but not mandatory. The law aims to prevent abuse and put in place controls for the inter-authority procurement process and must not create obstacles to the use of the FSS. (1) reimbursable inter-institutional work performed by federal employees (with the exception of acquisition assistance), or intergovernmental activities in which the performance of the contract is related to the object of the transaction; or 1.

Make it clear that subsection 17.5 of the FAR applies to intergovernmental procurement when an agency that requires supplies or services receives them through the contract of another agency; or when an agency mandates another agency to provide acquisition support, for example. B the award and management of a contract, contract or supply contract. The application agency shall make available to the service agency all applicable conditions and statutes, rules, policies and other requirements for registration in the contract or agency. In the absence of clear requirements from the Agency beyond the FAR, the applicant Agency must inform the contract agent of the service agency in writing. For acquisitions on behalf of the Ministry of Defence, see also subsection 17.7. For patents, see 27.304-2. When preparing inter-agency agreements to support sustained acquisitions, authorities should review the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Interagency Acquisitions guidelines, available in www.whitehouse.gov/sites/whitehouse.gov/files/omb/assets/OMB/procurement/interagency_acq/iac_revised.pdf. (2) Direct acquisitions. Before placing an order against the indefinite delivery vehicle of another agency, the requesting agency shall find that the use of the contractual vehicle of another agency is the best approach to purchasing and shall seek the agreement of the competent contract office of the requesting agency. .

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