Xfinity Communities Service Agreement

In this sense, WiFi and the network it supports will remain a cornerstone of service delivery, especially alongside network comcasts of hotspots, as the sources show. The increase in Wi-Fi dependency and the increase in the number of services that WiFi will enable should occupy XFINITY communities – and similar entities for other cable operators – in the foreseeable future. Many communities in Florida have mass cable contracts for their homes or units. A mass contract allows each unit in the community to have a TV signal service from a single provider for what is called a discount. My community signed a 15-year contract for Comcast Cable Basic Service, written by the developer before she left the store. Basic is minimal channels and generally do not require a cable set-top box. Comcast uses the MDUs on both methods, say both Mike. Service functions may vary slightly depending on whether access is based on DOCSIS or PON, but the first method allows you to see each unit installed at the gateway with IEEE 802.3ac Wave 1 or 2-functions. Extension pods can provide online coverage for hard-to-reach areas. The choice of DOCSIS versus PON often depends on the existing infrastructure; Whether the landowner has a preference for fibre optics in new construction scenarios; and if the mix of services requires symmetrical functions, DOCSIS 3.1 cannot support at this time.

Landowners could also benefit from smart real estate applications. Slovin says comcast is working on a management application for property managers to control smart devices in empty units. The ability to address the Internet of Things (IoT) via Support for Bluetooth, Zigbee and other IoT network protocols as in XFINITY Home also opens the door to additional services for building owners. “We solve problems to solve problems like boiler, things like electricity, things like security, access and things that are more of interest to property managers, and able to manage a unit with or without individual tenants there,” says Mancini. “What we`ve done is we`ve taken over our existing platform and now we`ve added an overlay for a comprehensive management system over which the real estate manager is now under control.” The ability to integrate Comcast`s MachineQ IoT features expands this capability to allow control of a wider range of smart devices, Mancini says. Slovin adds that Comcast`s managed service is very inexpensive if it compares it to a purpose-built WiFi network that health facility owners might consider installing separately. The combination of DOCSIS 3.1 and the ability to use existing infrastructure is a compelling business case, he says. The cost is 52 $US per house, which was more than the cost of a house at the time, in communities that did not have a mass contract. This insolent price was not obvious because the monthly fees were wrapped in the municipality`s quarterly maintenance bill. That`s a $156 game. In addition, the marketing team of the owners made it look like “No Cost to Cables.” For university campuses, Comcast offers a bespoke management service called XFINITY On Campus.

In addition to Internet access, the service offers a streaming-based video offering.