Ua Local 254 Collective Agreement

(133) The employer accepts that each part of the work covered by this agreement to be carried out on the site either by its own forces or by subcontractors who have signed agreements with UA Local 50 and employ members of AU Local 50. (24) The six public holidays recognized for the purposes of this agreement are: New Year (210) In the event that such an employer does not associate the Union with separate negotiations within the aforementioned time frame, it is presumed that the employer agrees with the terms and agreements reached during the negotiations between the Union and the association and is bound by the resulting collective agreement. (209) Within seven (7) days of receiving a notification from the Union of its intention to terminate or amend this agreement, the association informs all employers whose union has been informed by the Union. Each of these employers has thirty (30) days from the date the association sent or amended the intention to inform the Union in writing of its intention to negotiate a renewal contract separately. (132) In accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970, it is the employer`s responsibility to ensure the safety of its workers and its compliance with the safety rules contained or set by the employer. There is nothing in this agreement that makes the Union liable to workers or others in the event of injury or accident. In addition, the employer will not conduct any dispute against the Union, on a theory of subrogation, a theory of dues or otherwise, in order to obtain a judgment of money on its part in connection with the death or violation of workers who occur on the sites covered by this agreement. 19. A companion or apprentice who, during or after the normal hours of this agreement, performs work within the meaning of Schedule A, either as an independent or for a person or company that does not agree with the Union, is presented to the Local Union Executive Board and, therefore, imposes a fine if the Committee has found him guilty. (111) If the appeals commission does not rule by a majority on the appeal, the appeal may be the subject of arbitration. The conciliation request is forwarded to the representative of the Union and the representative of the Union of the Appeals Committee and to the employer participating in the complaint within seven (7) working days of the decision of the Appeals Commission.

Upon receipt of the arbitration application, the parties try to agree to a mutually acceptable neutral arbitrator. If, within seven (7) days after the arbitration application is received, no out-of-court settlement is reached, each party may request that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service present the parties with a group of five (5) arbitrators. The parties then alternately draw names from the list of arbitrators until a name is retained and that person is the neutral arbitrator.