Tax Collection Agreement Canada

4 If the government of a province has a tax collection agreement with the Canadian government, advances authorized under Section 8 of the Act may be paid to the province by the Minister under the Consolidated Income Fund based on estimates calculated in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. (2.2) Changes made prior to the date of the administrative agreement in which the Technical Tax Amendments Act was approved by the government in 2012, and that if the subsection (2.1) had been in effect at the time of the amendment, it would have been approved in accordance with this subsection, were ratified and confirmed for greater security , and all measures and payments taken as a result of these amendments are ratified and approved. 8.1 (1) Subject to subsection (2), payments to an individual under the Consolidated Revenue Fund may be paid to an individual under the Consolidated Revenue Fund, based on an amount to be paid to that person under this Act or Act, if an administrative agreement is entered into in accordance with this Act or , in accordance with the terms of the management contract. 7.2 Subject to Section 7.1, that person may, to the extent that Section 7.1, may be liable for an amount by a government to a person under a law for which an administrative agreement has been reached, that person may order that the amount be applied, in accordance with the terms of the management contract, to any amount that that person has entered into in the provinces and territories that have entered into tax collection agreements with the Confederation. income, payable (“Consenting provinces, i.e. all provinces and territories, with the exception of Quebec, must use the federal definition of “taxable income” as the basis for their taxation. This means that they cannot predict or ignore federal deductions when calculating the income on which the provincial tax is based. 3. Where a law of the legislature of a province, for which an administrative agreement has been entered into and which imposes a tax, contains provisions requiring any person who pays a particular species to another person to deduct or withdraw an amount and transfer it on the basis of tax, these provisions may relate to the persons to whom those payments are made in the consolidated turnover.

, funds or by a Her Majesty`s agent in the right of Canada.