History Schmistory: October 6. Around the World in 4,833 days.


2007: Modern day adventurer, Jason Lewis completes his human-powered circumnavigation of the globe, having hiked, biked, roller bladed, kayaked, swam and pedaloed his way around the entire planet! The trip was supposed to take around 3-4 years, but he had a few hang ups, like capsizing in two oceans, going to jail, being robbed at machete point, breaking both of his legs, dodging the bullets of a civil war, and being attacked by malaria, blood poisoning, altitude sickness and a crocodile, just to name a few. All told, when reaching his original starting point, Jason Lewis had traveled nearly 46,000 miles in 13 years. As far as we’re concerned he deserves a lifetime lazy-pass. Though he probably wouldn’t even use it.