Deadword of the Day: Tantrels

Tantrels: Incurably lazy people.

As in: The tantrels are everywhere, and they seem to be multiplying!

History Schmistory: September 26. I’m a Rocket Maaaaaan!

2008: Swiss Pilot and inventor Yves Rossy becomes the first person to fly across the English Channel in a winged jetpack of his own invention. Soon after, he flies over the Swiss Alps. Lucky he didn’t burn out his fuse up there alone…

His next mission? “To infinity and beyond!”

By Rama (Own work) [CeCILL ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Rama (Own work) [CeCILL ( or CC BY-SA 2.0 fr (], via Wikimedia Commons

Deadword of the Day: Mouse-web

Mouse-web: (cobweb) Refers to phlegm in the throat. To replace the ‘frog in your throat.’

As in: A-AHEM! Excuse me. Mouse-web.













That’s right, goats in Morocco can climb trees. And they appear to enjoy it. What more do you need to know?

History Schmistory: September 25. Always take the garbage out!

1930: Marco’s favorite 20th century poet/songwriter/cartoonist/performer Shel Silverstein is born, presumably where the sidewalk begins.


History Schmistory: September 24., y’all!!

1979: Compu-Serve launches the first consumer internet service, which includes the first electronic mail service. They’re apparently still waiting for the interstate parties to catch on…

You checked your CS mail lately? Yeah neither have we. It’s been years. It’s probably all dusty and moldy and filled with venomous spiders.

















CompuServe ad in Byte magazine, January 1983.

Deadword of the Day: Soul-case

Soul-case: Body

As in: My soul-case doesn’t bend that way. 


Teddy Roosevelt declared Devil’s Tower in Wyoming the first National Monument of the United States, today in 1906. There you go. Something good happened in 1906.


Underneath the surface in Southeast London lies the Chislehurst Caves, over 22 miles of man-made caves with over 4000 years of history.

Did you know you can get a FREE Team Marco Polo, London ebook just by clicking that “Like” button down there?

Deadword of the Day: Nurk

Nurk: A name for the runt of a litter.

As in: Poor little nurk…

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