History Schmistory, June 28: The Tomato Playing Ketch-up!

1820 – The tomato was proven to be non-poisonous. Thank goodness for that…our most important foods (pizza, spaghetti, burgers) would never have been the same!

Way to go tomatoes!  "Jumping tomato" by Gabi Greve /CC BY

Way to go tomatoes!
“Jumping tomato” by Gabi Greve /CC BY

History Schmistory: June 27. Ka-ching

1967: The first cash machine/ATM begins service in Britain. Locals celebrate by forming an orderly line!

‘Waiting in line… what the Brits do best!”
“Cash point” by Mat Hyde / CC BY

History Schmistory, June 27: Halt Your Horses!

1652 – New Amsterdam (now NYC) passed the 1st speed limit law in the U.S.A. Probably to prevent all the horse & carriage races that were taking place.

Woah! Slow it down, speed demon!

Ludicrous Latin:Quomodo cogis comas tuas sic videri?

How do you get your hair to do that?




History Schmistory: June 26. Quite a ride for twenty-five cents!

1927: the Cyclone; arguably the father of the modern roller-coaster, opens at Coney Island to much fanfare and vomit.

"Cyclone in Fog," by Missy S / CC BY

“Cyclone in Fog,” by Missy S / CC BY

History Schmistory, June 26: The Cavity Catastrophe

1498 – The toothbrush was invented. Interestingly, people started to tell more secrets.

Hush if you don’t brush!

History Schmistory: June 24. Dance Fever.

1374: The town of Aachen, Germany experiences a massive outbreak of St. John’s Dance, aka the Dancing Plague, a mass psychogenic illness (MPI) of the 14th – 17th centuries that actually caused large groups of people to dance uncontrollably until they passed out.  Many can still be found at a Phish concert near you.


History Schmistory: June 25. Custer Bites the Bighorn.

1876: the ill-fated Battle of Little Bighorn culminates in the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. Gary Larson said it best:

History Schmistory, June 25: There’s Hope for a Magical Pope!

253 – St. Lucius I began his reign as Catholic Pope. This was before he fell in love with the dark arts & started working for Voldem…I mean, You-Know-Who!

What do you mean I can’t bring my wand to church?


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