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History Schmistory: June 30. Has anyone seen the bridge?

1894: Tower Bridge opens in London. Tower Records opens 66 years later…
"Creative Commons, Tower Bridge", by  Dave Stravern, licensed under CC BY

“Tower Bridge”, by Dave Stravern, licensed under CC BY

Do you drone on about castles in Europe?

Well, here’s the video for you!


History Schmistory, June 29: A Midsummer Nightmare

1613 - Shakespeare’s Globe Theater burned down. That light through the yonder window breaking? It was a fire. And while all that glistens may not be gold, all that is red and hot is most likely going to burn down a building.


"Globe Theatre, circa 1616" - Detail from van Visscher's original panorama, circa 1616.

“Globe Theatre, circa 1616″ – Detail from van Visscher’s original panorama, circa 1616.

Cheap travel in Europe!

Get Small!

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History Schmistory, June 28: The Tomato Playing Ketch-up!

1820 - The tomato was proven to be non-poisonous. Thank goodness for that…our most important foods (pizza, spaghetti, burgers) would never have been the same!

Way to go tomatoes!  "Jumping tomato" by Gabi Greve /CC BY

Way to go tomatoes!
“Jumping tomato” by Gabi Greve /CC BY

History Schmistory: June 27. Ka-ching

1967: The first cash machine/ATM begins service in Britain. Locals celebrate by forming an orderly line!

‘Waiting in line… what the Brits do best!”
“Cash point” by Mat Hyde / CC BY

History Schmistory: June 26. Quite a ride for twenty-five cents!

1927: the Cyclone; arguably the father of the modern roller-coaster, opens at Coney Island to much fanfare and vomit.

"Cyclone in Fog," by Missy S / CC BY

“Cyclone in Fog,” by Missy S / CC BY

History Schmistory: June 25. Custer Bites the Bighorn.

1876: the ill-fated Battle of Little Bighorn culminates in the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer. Gary Larson said it best:

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