When Marco has time to hone his skateboarding skills, he goes to Black Pearl Skate Park on the Cayman Islands.

Then he spends a few days at the local hospital, where everyone knows his name.

GO THERE! Tuscany for literature lovers

Get your lit on!

Deadword of the Day: Squiddled

Squiddled: Cheated.

As in: Those who have squiddled will suffer the consequences. Yikes!

Are you super boring? This book is for you!

Check out the new book Maphead from the Jeopardy guy, Ken Jennings. You gotta love a guy who says his favorite thing as a kid was tearing open National Geographic so he could scope out the maps. The only person nerdier would be someone working on a travel show for kids, huh?



Northern California’s ancient redwood trees are so huge, some you can drive straight through.

Deadword of the day: Aporrhipsis

Aporrhipsis: An intense dislike of clothing.

As in: The aporrhipsis in poor Fido is clear, especially on Halloween…

Deadword of the Day: Quackle

Quackle: The noise one makes when choking.

As in: Your quackling is futile.


This winter, a stay at an ice hotel might be in order!


Among numerous wonderful things, London also has triple decker buses.











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Deadword of the Day: Haspenald

Haspenald: A ridiculously tall kid.

As in: Our haspenald is bigger than your haspenald!

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