The most insanely gothic cathedral you’re likely to ever see, Sagrada Familia (Gaudi’s Cathedral) is one of many awe inspiring structures in Barcelona by genius architect, Antoni Gaudi. Now if they can just get those cranes out of the way already!

Happy Birthday, Jackie!

Jacopo Peri, the original opera man, was born today in 1561. Play it again, Marco!

Deadword of the Day: Blepharon

Blepharon: One who has great eyebrows.

As in: Hey, that blepharon has pointy teeth!


A word from Marco: GUILTY!

Hey, Gerard! We know traveling is fun, but we all must remember to use the restroom before our descent.










He was probably preparing for his upcoming role in ‘Mistakes on a Plane’

HAHAHA! C’mon!

History Schmistory: August 15. I see ridiculous pants in your future…

1519: Panama City is founded. A super great rock song is prognosticated shortly thereafter.

Ludicrous Latin: Perge porro

Go Long

Ludicrous Latin: Ut si!

As if!

Monkeys vs Apes…

As the world goes Ape-y for the new Planet of the Apes movie, it is important to know why we call them apes and not monkeys. One easy distinction is that almost all species of monkey have tails while apes do not. Also, though many apes enjoy swinging through the trees like Tarzan, they actually live on the ground, whereas monkeys are arboreal (tree dwellers) and spend most of their time jumping through the tree-tops, more like squirrels.

“Hey, I’m just a monkey!”

History Schmistory: August 5. The Original “Harry”

1100: Henry I is crowned King of England in Westminster Abbey. This particular Henry was not significant enough for Shakespeare, and conveniently skipped.

Revolutionary Dayz

As we observe (or some of us anyway) the details of former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s trial, many are reminded of how remarkable Egypt’s non-violent overthrow was. Really. If it was in France it would have been a bloody mess…

-One more time with feeling!

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