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History Schmistory, April 21: I Founded Rome! No, I Founded Rome!

753 BC - Romulus and Remus found Rome (traditional date). Also, first recorded Roman sibling rivalry.  Their disagreement has to be settled by their mom, a she-wolf.

History Schistory, April 19: Drake sinks Armada

1587 - Sir Frances Drake sails into Cadiz Spain & sinks Spanish fleet, which shifts the balance of power in the world away from Spain and toward England and France. How did he ever manage to sink such a huge car? Oh, wait, the car is named after the fleet, not the other way around.  Got it!

History Schmistory, April 18: The Zman cometh

417 - St Zosimus begins his reign as Catholic Pope. Nothing significant about St. Zosimus, but doncha think he has a cool name? See, popes can be cool, too!

History Schmistory, April 17: Canterbury Tales Told for the First Time!

1397 - Geoffrey Chaucer tells the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II. Chaucer scholars have also identified this date (in 1387) as when the book’s pilgrimage to Canterbury starts. After all, it does start “Whan that aprill with his shoures soote the droghte of march hath perced to the roote”

History Schmistory, April 5: Bring Me Back Some Scones!

1621 - Mayflower sails from Plymouth on a return trip to England.

Culture Buzz: Savage Easter

In the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary it is an Easter tradition to torment women for the day. This typically includes dousing them with water and/or lightly spanking them. Seriously. Somehow, symbolically the ritual is meant to keep them young and fertile, derived from an old medieval tradition that probably should’ve stayed just that. Though most observe the tradition playfully, there are always a few who ruin it for everyone. So, to be safe, many ladies of Central Europe will justifiably choose to stay in this Sunday.

History Schmistory, April 4: Iggy Pops!

1541 - Ignatius of Loyola becomes 1st superior-general of Jesuits.

History Schmistory, April 3: The Crown? Your Face!

1657 - English Lord Protector Cromwell refuses crown.

GO THERE! Easter has an Island?

Easter Island is named so because Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen landed there on Easter Sunday in 1722. That’s all. Natives actually call this mysterious and isolated island Rapa Nui. But, we still think it would be a great place to go for an Eater egg hunt!

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